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1-to-1 Landscape Photography Workshops in Scotland, Bristol, London, Oxford and Cornwall:

1-to-1 tutorials are available all year round on request.


  • Discover the British countryside and cities in the best light and create stunning images
  • Learn how to get the most out of your photographic equipment
  • Practice new techniques and receive expert help to develop your own vision, style and creativity



Sunrise to Sunset: £250 + travel expenses (where applicable); £30 extra for each additional person attending the day course – max 7 people. Workshops are available on most weekends, depending on the weather.

Half day: Afternoon to Sunset: £135 + travel expenses (where applicable); £25 for each additional participant

Short tutorials: £40 per hour

The participants will need to bring their own digital SLR (or equivalent) camera, a tripod and suitable clothing for the weather. ND, Graduated filters and remote timer release would be desirable but not necessary. 

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop digital workflow tutorials are available at £40 per hour, organised at client's designated location. Clients must bring their own computer equipment pre-installed with the desired software and selected RAW images to edit. Free Trial versions are available at Adobe.com