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FAQ - Choosing the best prints for your home and office

Please note: watermarks will not appear on the prints.

Fine Art Photographic Print Paper Types:

Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm, 100% Cotton white (Matt)

Photo Rag is the most popular paper chosen by photographers to create high quality fine art prints. The smooth surface and feel of Photo Rag make this paper very versatile and ideal for printing both black and white, colour photographs and art reproductions, with impressive pictorial depth.

Smooth Art Silk 300gsm (Semi-gloss)

A special, acid free smooth art paper with a unique ink receiving layer that exhibits a silk/gloss print. This coating is undetectable on the surface until the ink is applied. A high level of colour vibrancy can be obtained and the tough surface is resistant to scratches and make sit tough for many applications. Ideal for all reproductions of landscape, wildlife and creative digital art as well as portraiture.

Step-by-step guide

We offer a variety of different products and sizes. At first this may seem like a daunting task to choose, but if you follow these simple steps you will be rewarded with the right print for your needs:

  1. Decide whether you would prefer to receive a finished wall display product, or instead frame a photographic print it yourself or at your local framing store.
  2. How big would you like your prints? Bigger prints leave a much stronger visual impact, but you may wish to consider available space and cost. 24x16" or 18x12" may be a good starting point.
  3. Aspect ratio - some images may be cropped differently. Once you select one size you can see a preview of your print in the later stages of ordering process. If the cropping should be different please go back and select another better matching size from the list. Please note: you may be able to specify your own cropping should you wish to do so. You may even decide to make square or a wide panoramic print!
  4. Available paper options and different finished products:
  • Metallic - a distinct vibrant pearl look with extra glossy finish and vivid colours is perfect for outstanding landscape prints
  • Glossy - a traditional reflective paper suited for most images
  • Matte - a traditional slightly textured less reflective paper for framed prints, portraits and most images
  • Fine art prints - long life prints on high quality paper suitable for exhibitions and framing
  • Framed prints - ready to hang images on your wall. You can customise frame and mount design before ordering. Images are printed on matte paper
  • Canvas - modern borderless print for contemporary home or office
  • Box frame and edge print - an alternative to frames - a blend between a frame and canvas. Prints are laminated with anti-scratch seal.
  • Acrylic - ultra modern look achieved by sandwiching prints between sheets of transparent acrylic

We can offer a free consultation on product choice.


We are happy to tweak and adjust our images for your needs at no extra cost and no obligation to buy. Please let us know and we will be happy to provide you an alternative product to purchase. For example you may ask us for:

  • prints in black and white
  • richer colours
  • different cropping
  • special colour grading
  • specific retouching needs, such as removal of any logos or other image elements
  • a signature on the print
  • different custom order products, such as Alumini prints
  • anything else!

Multi-buy special offers

Special offers are a great way to purchase prints of different premium images at reduced prices. To take advantage of the deal simply add your selected images as "Favourites", and then choose the offer from the price list. Please click "Continue" and then finalise your selection.

Currently we offer an exclusive deal on 3 x super-sized 24x16" fine art photo prints or 2 x 26x16" framed images.

Licensing our photos for your business or blog

Most photographs displayed on the site are available for licensing for commercial or personal use. Please contact us to discuss your needs .

All Images are subject to copyright may not be used in any way without payment and / or express permission of the copyright owner. 

Payment and Delivery

All prints are sold via the shopping cart available on individual image pages. Please select the desired product from the Featured list on the right (or click the red cart button on your mobile device). Alternatively, please click on "View All products" button. Note: please make sure that the pricing is displayed in your local currency - if needed you may change it by clicking on the currency name with the arrow and selecting new values.

The printing options may be customised at this stage including framing and cropping, or alternatively a different product can be selected. A short description of the product including estimated production times is displayed on the right. Once all necessary adjustments are made the customers are invited to proceed with secure checkout payment by credit card or PayPal.

All orders are reviewed and approved by us within 24h. This is necessary to ensure that we can produce the highest quality prints for you.

Printing may take several working days, while framing and the production of canvas or acrylic prints is usually completed within 1-2 weeks.

Delivery is arranged by the national postal service or courier companies. The products are shipped directly from the lab to your door.


If you have a voucher code please enter it in the checkout to receive your discount. We regret that once the order is processed we can no longer apply vouchers codes to your order.

Print Quality and Screen Calibration

All our products are printed in the leading professional photo labs near you. This means that every photo receives special attention to make sure you receive great products free from colour cast or blemishes.

Our photographs are edited using professionally calibrated screen equipment. To ensure that your prints match the view on your screen we recommend using calibrated monitors. Apple Macbook pro retina and 3rd or later generation iPad devices have some of the best colour accuracy out of the box. Most laptops however display bluish images with varying brightness across the screen and therefore could be misleading.

Please also make sure that you are using an up-to-date modern web browser that supports colour management.

If there are any doubts about a large order please contact us to order small-size sample proofs or ask us for free image customisation for your needs.


The product pricing reflects the value of the artwork and the overall service. Travel and Landscape photography requires serious dedication, an enormous amount of time and very significant investment. There is a lot of planning involved in every shoot, and even then the conditions may not be right at the end of the day. I usually have to revisit every location several time before I can make a shot I am truly happy with. It is not uncommon to walk through the rain or on dangerous flooded coastal path and scramble steep rocks. The journey of the image doesn't end the moment a photographer "presses the button" (and there is a lot of technical and creative skill involved in this "simple" step) - it could take up to several hours of post processing time to achieve the desired end result. Finally, there are web hosting fees and marketing, insurance, travel costs, equipment maintenance and upgrade, seminars and creative projects to pay for. Your valued support helps us to continue working and inspires to innovate and create amazing new work for you.

Terms and conditions

If you are not happy with the quality of the products including printing faults or damage during delivery please let us know within 7 days after receiving the order and we will do our best to send you a replacement as soon as possible.

The products are produced specifically for each order with custom specifications, therefore we regret that we are unable to exchange or refund bespoke orders if you simply change your mind. Please contact us in advance to discuss the product specification and / or any custom modifications.

Prints may not be scanned, reproduced, modified or duplicated. However, you are entirely free to sell, donate or trade your print should you wish to do so.

Digital copies may not be used without a valid license in any way. Such practices are illegal and may be punishable by law. There is nothing more insulting to a photographer than seeing their work used commercially for gain without attribution and taking away the well deserved financial support.