Austria and Germany landscape and architectural photography
Salzburg at dusk, AustriaBurg Kreuzenstein, AustriaErlebnisburg Hohenwerfen, AustriaEhrenberg Castle, AustriaSalzburg, AustriaBurg Kreuzenstein, AustriaSalzburg sunrise, AustriaHallstatter See, AustriaSalzburg, AustriaSalzburg palace, AustriaBurg Kreuzenstein, AustriaHall in Tirol, AustriaErlebnisburg Hohenwerfen, AustriaHall in Tirol, AustriaHall in Tirol narrow street, AustriaBurg Kreuzenstein, AustriaHallstatter See, AustriaSalzburg, AustriaHall in Tirol, AustriaHeiterwanger See, Austria

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